Meet Trader Owl

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Trader Owl is a stuffed bird, once chewed by a dog. Since then, he has decided to take life into his own hands. Now he's spending his days trading anything that can make him 100x.

What makes us different?

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The family dog destroys a stuffed owl toy creating the foundation for Trader Owl.

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A collection of unique NFTs are released based on the real-life toy. Each NFT is connected with the web3 life of Trader Owl. Owl.

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Play our free NFT Rarity Game to get whitelisted for free mint!


Game Rich list Air drop Metaverse Trivia Token
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Rarity Game

Trader Owl launches with a free-to-play NFT Rarity Game. This is the first ever NFT project that provides you with a free NFT game before mint. Think of Wordle when you play. Guess the rarity of NFTs and earn rewards as you go on. Share your score and win.

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Rich List

You are the biggest NFT collector? Prove it and join the Rich List. Use web3 to connect. See how well you rank among users based on NFT net worth, collections-owned and total NFTs per wallet. Showcase your NFTs in our private gallery for free.

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Trader Owl will airdrop NFT holders a % of the project's treasury to certain rare NFT holders. A follow-up NFT collection will be airdropped to diamond hands holders. First airdrop will be issued by end of Q3 2022

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Enter the metaverse with Trader Owl and become the sole owner of your very own land. Land owners will share the perks of earning tokens and rewards for duels hosted on their land NFTs. Land supply is limited.

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Trivia Game

Be part of the GameFi digital revolution as Trader Owl will release a fully fledged NFT Trivia Game that can be played by both NFT holders and users who are not part of the project. Land holders will be eligible to earn rewards for users who play the game on-land.

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Trader Owl will release its very own ERC-20 token that will be used to interact with in-game features and distribute rewards. The token will be listed in some of the biggest crypto exchanges and will provide scalability and value.


Traits 200+

  • Backgrounds
  • Hats
  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • Hands
  • Shoes
  • Eyewear
  • Mouth
  • Chains

Trader Owl FAQ

What is Trader Owl?

Trader Owl is a NFT collection consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs.

When is the mint date?


How does the Whitelisting for Free Mint work?
  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Play the game and score 10 points
  3. Share your results on Twitter and tag @TraderOw1
  4. Join our Discord and post your results.
How do you play the Trader Owl Rarity Game?

You need to connect your wallet to our website, thus creating a profile. Once you create a profile you are eligible to play once a day, where you need to guess which NFT is rarest. You will have 10 seconds to guess the rarer NFT. Note there is only 1 game per day and you are able to play as many games as you wish, till we close the whitelisting process.

Is there any Utility ?

Trader Owl is launching with a Rarity Game and Rich List. They are available to play from day one. Long-term utility is available on the Roadmap.

How many traits are there?


What is the Roadmap?

Once the collection is fully minted, we will start work on upcoming Airdrop, followed by distribution of land that would be needed for our Trader Owl Trivia Game. For the economy of the Trivia Trader Owl Game, we will introduce an ERC-20 token, that will become an essential part of the game's economy. Please refer to our Roadmap for more details on every additional step of Trader Owl.